My Month of “Lifting” – John 2: 19

Attitude – Key To Greater Height

Whatever may be your desire, expectation or goal this year, one thing you must ensure you get right is your ‘ATTITUDE’. ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’, this is a common saying used by us so many times; but we often fail to appreciate the in-depth wisdom within this statement.  We pray that as you read through, wisdom embedded therein will be your in Jesus’ name.

Tithing and Giving: A number of Christians have poor and unacceptable attitude towards tithing and giving. They do not pay their tithe. People who have poor tithing or giving attitude are under a curse and anyone that is under the curse of the Lord cannot have good success (Malachi 3:6-11). The Lord wants us to take a second look at our tithe giving attitude as it can make or mar our speed to good success. I pray that in the name of Jesus, you do not supplant yourself.
Giving is another area many of us are found wanting. Many are unwilling to give but always ready to receive. The spirit of always getting/receiving and not giving is very strange. I tell my people “It is your benefit to bless me, because when you do, you activate your own promotion.” Many of us are unwilling to part with what we have, and yet, what we have is not enough to solve our problems. {Like the little boy who offered his breakfast to Jesus, give God your little, and watch Him multiply it}. Your giving can retrieve you from the pit where your enemies have buried your dreams. Many times, you think you only give when you have so much; yet the Lord is not measuring you by what you give, rather He measures by what is left. {The woman that gave two coins was measured above all not because two coins was large money but because nothing was left. If I had N1millon and gave N100,000 as offering, I have N900,000 left while someone who had only N100 and gave N50 now has only N50 left; according to God’s standard, has given more than me}.

Our Attitude Towards Praising and Praying: How do we praise God? How do we pray to God? Do we praise him because God is great? Do you know something called ‘Sacrifice of praise’? The Lord opened my eyes to what this meant. The concept of ‘Sacrifice of praise’ is when in your own sincere assessment of what is happening; God does not deserve that praise, but you say to Him ‘God, you don’t deserve this praise but I will give you because you are the Almighty.’ Friends, Praise can retrieve what is due to you. {How many have come to that point where everything is not working for you; your life is breaking apart, your marriage is troubled, there are storms everywhere and everyone you run to is not ready to help you, then you turn around and say, Father, I just want to thank you that I am alive to see this.}
Attitude Towards Praying: A lot of us do not really have time to pray. We are too busy to pray. We don’t even pray together as a family. I discovered a secret that the best prayer champions in my family are the children. {Children do not know about the economy or the state of the nation, so they pray believing all is possible while I pray mindful of world/national reports.


For my children, their prayer points go thus: 
#1 Father give daddy plenty money in Jesus name; 
#2 Father, don’t let daddy die in Jesus name, etc.

When destinies are on the table and unfortunately; at times you are not qualified to have a breakthrough in prayers, other than prayer for forgiveness, the prayer of these children can help you recover. Why don’t you pray as a family? Pull them together; don’t think they are not articulate, God heareth them, and so develop an attitude of praying as a family.  Pray into your future, pray to recover the opportunities of God in your life. When you praise God, the earth will yield her increase (Psalm 67:4-7). Around you opportunities for increase in business and various aspects of life abound. 
With an attitude of praise, the increase will come and as you pray, the Lord will answer in Jesus name, for he is always desiring to answer prayers (Mathew 7: 7-8).

Attitude Towards Soul Winning: Good success is sustained by winning souls. Do you know that you can win souls just by the way you live your life in your places of work, your environment etc. you may not have the opportunity of preaching to everyone that lives on your street, but they may have an opportunity of receiving your message without you saying it to them. It is sad to note that a lot of us have failed to utilize the opportunity of winning souls and misapplied the virtues of God in our lives (Proverbs 11:28-30). You don’t have to be on the altar to win souls. 
Attitude Towards Fellowshipping with the Lord/Attitude Towards the Church: How do you fellowship with the Lord? How do you take His Church? How do you treat the things that God values? How do you honor God for everything that He values? It is important for you to know that if you value what God values, the Lord will value you.
When the Lord is talking to you, you must have the attitude of humility to listen to Him. Your attitude towards sin must be “Hate sin and cut sin out of your life”. Your attitude towards opportunities is “Be careful!” Gehazi misread the opportunities and became a criminal who stole leprosy. 

Attitude towards your home and marriage: Respect the vow of God in your marriage. Defend with your life, the vow you made when you stood before God and His church to live and to stand with one man or woman. The saying ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’ has been modified to read ‘To whom much is given, blood is expected’ so be ready to lay your life on the path of defending your marriage and home. 
Brethren, God gave Jesus for us; we must defend our salvation, relationship with God and develop an attitude that would ensure that at the end of year 2014, we would indeed say this year has been one of increasing success. So to get the best altitude, apply the best attitude! ╦

You are welcome to your month of “Lifting”.


Prophetic Declarations from our Pastors

     1. I decree and declare that your light will bring forth New Dawn.

     2. I decree and declare that all your  blessings will locate you in 2019

.    3. I decree that no evil shall befall you nor any plague come near your dwelling place.

     4God settled Abraham, he settled Isaac and settled Jacob. He will settle you this month.

     5. I declare celebration in your home, marriage, business, job, family in Jesus name.

                     Welcome to your month of “New Dawn”

Bible Quote

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

Matt 11: 28