Who is a Father?

A father has the power to define a child’s life. If we are loving, caring, and involved in our family, we have the power to turn a whole generation around.

So, who is a father?

A father does not necessarily have to be a child’s biological parent. A father takes time to sit down and bring correction to the attitudes and actions of a child. He takes responsibility to ensure that they are heading in the right direction to fulfil their own personal destiny as ordained by God.

In this respect, our families need us in the performance of certain roles. The role, may be as simple as guiding our children against wrong influences or destructive relationships. It has been said that, fatherhood is not age determined. In the spiritual setting, it is possible to father someone who is older than you. It is all about care, love and guidance.

In his book titled “Helping Guys Become Men, Husbands and Fathers “, Dr. John King itemized three things a father is supposed to do for his family. These are:

1.Believe in them

2.Dream with them

3.Support them

 Our job as fathers is to believe in our children, fuel their passion in the right path and not dampen it.  Our homes should be laboratories where dreams are nurtured and hatched. The father should create the conducive environment that allows seed of faith to germinate in his children. 

This is the support we can offer to our children, strengthening them and building their confidence.

May God help us in carrying out these assignments.

Prophetic Declarations from our Pastors

     1. I decree and declare that your light will bring forth New Dawn.

     2. I decree and declare that all your  blessings will locate you in 2019

.    3. I decree that no evil shall befall you nor any plague come near your dwelling place.

     4God settled Abraham, he settled Isaac and settled Jacob. He will settle you this month.

     5. I declare celebration in your home, marriage, business, job, family in Jesus name.

                     Welcome to your month of “New Dawn”

Bible Quote

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

Matt 11: 28