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Brief History - Lord's Chapel

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Lord's Chapel (TLC) is the headquarter of Area 2, under the Lagos Province 23, Maranatha Chapel. The parish was established on 19th July 1998. Over the years, TLC has given birth to many parishes within and outside the shores of Nigeria. These amongst others include, House of Mercy, Jubilee Court, Covenant Church, Living Water (in collaboration with RCBC), Olivet Parish, (now The Lord's Parish), Life Sanctuary in Dublin. It also played a major role in the birth of Maranatha International Parish in Dubai. TLC gave birth to a set of "twins": City on a Hill and The Radiant Church on 23rd July 2006. Birthed a parish each in Maiduguri and Oguta, (Northern and Eastern part of Nigeria respectively). Also among the parishes birthed by TLC are My Father's House in Ikeja, Praise Court in Magodo, Power Court in Oworo (formerly in Mushin) and Purity Court in Ogudu, Lighthouse in Shomolu, Household of Grace in Lekki-Ajah  and Household of Faith Ibafo, Ogun State. Recent addition is The Lord's Ambassador in Anthony, Lagos. The Church has also "captured" for Christ virgin foreign mission with our parishes being the first RCCG parishes in such foreign fields. Amongst these are Cambodia in Latin America and Iceland in Europe. On the 17th July 2011, The Lord's Heritage commenced service in Canada as another offshoot of the Lord's Chapel.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Lord's Chapel (TLC) is an offshoot of Maranatha Chapel (then a parish under Area 1) with its headquarters at ACME, which was also an Area Headquarter under Headquarters State in Ebute Metta. TLC was the second born of Maranatha Chapel (now Lagos Province 23 HQ). TLC was planted by Pastor Innocent Utulu and pioneered by Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Olaitan Agboola who led a group of 12 workers and ministers to start the church at 9A, Hospital Road, Opposite Gbagada General Hospital, on 19th July 1998. TLC became an Area HQ in 2001 with Pastor Agboola as the Area Pastor, under the leadership of Pastor Yemi Lebi, the Zonal Pastor, and Pastor Brown Oyitso as the State Pastor.




What can we understand or say about ‘Temptation’? Temptation is the desire to do or have something that you know is bad or wrong, that is, to commit sin and stop loving God.


In the Bible, the children of Jonadab also referred to as Rechabites were tempted to disobey their father’s instruction, but they stood with the word of God and overcame the temptation. We need to understand that temptation is not a sin, but yielding to it is a sin.



1.    The Devil

2.    Our Friends

3.    Our Neighbours

4.    The society we live etc



Obedience to the word of God is a source of strength during temptation.

Jesus is another source of strength during temptations, that is, why he depend on the written word of God to overcome temptation. Many times He do say, “ It is written” in that same way, we can overcome temptation and thereby have victory.

Temptation is common to all Children of God. Jesus himself was tempted. Go also made a promise that when we were tempted, there will be a way out.


1.    Inheritance of all things

2.    You will have the crown of life

3.    Success

4.    Protection